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Last updated: 06-10-2021

FAQs for Marketing Teams

What is Visufund?

Visufund is an online interactive visual fundraising platform. When a supporter makes a donation to a Visufund page, they can reveal something on a picture, eg. adding a star to the sky or lighting a virtual candle. Supporters can leave a personal message and photo when making their donation.

How much control can we have over how our page looks?

We have a variety of different templates in our library, which you can use to create a page. All templates give you the option to display a logo in the header, change the button colours and choose a message format. Some templates also give you the option to upload custom photos into the design, change the background, or offer different colour options on objects.

What branding can we add to a page?

Your logo will appear on all pages created by your charity, and any page created by a supporter who has chosen to raise money for you. When setting up your Charity Account, you can provide your brand colours (hexadecimal RGB format), and these colours will always be shown when you have the option to set colours on a page. You can change the colour of the page header, buttons and message boxes.

As well as colours, you can also change the language on the page to suit your charity's voice. For example, you can change the questions on the message form or change the Call-To-Action on the menu buttons (eg. changing "Switch on a light" to "Dedicate a light").

Can we change the URL of our page or embed it on our website?

Yes. Before publishing your page, you can customise the web address in Page Settings. If you would prefer to promote your fundraising page using an alternative web address, you will need to set up a redirect link from your preferred address to your Visufund page.

You can also embed your page on your own website and display a live preview of it by inserting a specially crafted HTML <iframe> element on your website. Learn more about embedding.

Can we create a page featuring any of our own images or photos?

Yes. Some of our templates allow you to upload your own photos and images as part of the page design, such as our jigsaw templates and 'Create Your Own' series.

Can different templates be combined to create a page which has more objects?

All our templates are mobile-optimised, which means that all the objects will fit on any screen size or shape. For this reason, it is not possible to combine two templates into a single page. When the page is full, it will automatically expand onto a new page, so you will never run out of available objects.

Can supporters share their messages on social media?

Yes. As well as being able to share the page directly, every message also has its own URL. This can be shared easily on social media or by email by clicking the Share icon directly on the message.

When setting up a Charity Page, you can set an image to be displayed when a page or message is shared, and also customise the default Tweet when your page is shared on Twitter, including adding hashtags and handles.

Do you offer any analytics or insights on pages?

Yes. On your Dashboard, you'll see real-time data about how many people are currently viewing your page, plus a graph summarising page views vs donations over a set period of time. We collect UTM tracking data for your analysis, and you can download reports to see which referral links have generated the most views and donations.

Do you collect marketing consent data?

Your charity can access all donor data in Reports, and also customise the Marketing Consent section of the checkout form to ensure you're capturing the information you need. If you need to capture any further information from supporters, you can add additional questions to the form.

Any further questions?

You'll find more information in Help, or feel free to contact us if you can't find the answer to your question.

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