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Last updated: 12-10-2023

FAQ: Finance

How do we pay for membership plans and/or products?

We request payment by credit/debit card. If you choose to purchase any plans or products, you will always receive an invoice by email for your financial records.

How are donations processed?

In order to accept donations on Visufund, charities and non-profit organisations are required to connect a Stripe account to the platform. Donations are paid directly into your Stripe account and are not held by Visufund at any time.

Stripe is a PCI Level 1 payment service provider trusted by millions of businesses worldwide, which allows payments to be made via debit/credit card or digital wallets (eg. Apple Pay).

If you don't already have a Stripe account, you can create one from our website - this only takes a few minutes and does not cost anything to set up.

Read more about connecting a Stripe account to Visufund.

Our charity doesn't have a Stripe account. Can we use Worldpay or PayPal instead?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer any alternative payment providers. Stripe allows us to send donations directly to your account whilst handling all the administration, via their innovative product called Stripe Connect. This automation helps us to keep our prices as low as possible, and ultimately will help you to raise more money.

Read more about why we think Stripe is the best payment processor for online donations.

How often will we receive payouts?

When donations are made, they are paid directly into your Stripe account. Stripe automatically deducts their payment processing fee and our platform fee (if applicable) from donations, and transfers the net value to your bank on a daily basis. You can change the frequency of payouts from your Stripe account, if required.

How can we reconcile payments?

Each payout is made as a single transfer of the total sum of payments received since your previous payout. Stripe's payout reconciliation report provides details of each transaction included, and this report also contains the Visufund transaction ID in the description.

Does Visufund collect Gift Aid? (UK only)

Visufund does not claim Gift Aid on your behalf, although we collect valid Gift Aid declarations from donors and provide you with all the details you need to process a Gift Aid claim in-house via your usual method. If required, you can download a Gift Aid Schedule report directly from Visufund using HMRC's approved format for easy submission.

Read more about Gift Aid on Visufund.

Does Visufund issue official tax receipts to donors?

When a donation is made, the donor receives an email receipt featuring a link to view/edit their message, a short thank you note from the charity, and basic details about their transaction (eg. donation amount and charity registration number). As Visufund is registered in the UK, these may not be recognised internationally as official tax receipts; we would advise non-profit organisations to issue their own tax receipts, if required. All donor data is shared via Reports, which you may use for this purpose.

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