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Last updated: 26-08-2020

Expanding pages

Do you want to add more objects on your page? Do you require unlimited objects? Or are you worried that you might run out in the middle of your campaign?

Rest assured, there is no limit to the number of donations you can receive through your page. With Expanding Pages, you will never run out of available objects.


In the description of each template, you'll see how many objects are available on the design. By default, when a page becomes full (ie. all objects have been donated), it will automatically expand onto a new identical page so that more objects become available. These pages are linked together, allowing your supporters to easily navigate and search across multiple pages.

You can also choose to manually expand your page at any time, in order to make more objects available to your supporters.

Auto expand

This setting can be found in the Page Summary section in Page Settings after you have published a page. When this option is set to Yes (default), your page will automatically expand when the last object becomes unavailable.

If you do not want a page to automatically expand, set Auto Expand to No. Supporters can still contribute to a full page without revealing an object.

If this setting is changed on a page which is part of an expanded group of pages, this setting will be applied to all pages in the group.

Expand page (manual)

The manual Expand action can be found in the top menu when viewing any settings, after a page has been published.

You can manually choose to expand a page at any time. For example, you may want to use this feature if a page has several object types and one particular type becomes unavailable.

Expanded group

Expanded pages are automatically linked together in a system group and will apply the following:

  • Show navigation buttons - This allows page visitors to navigate between pages in the group.
  • Find available objects - If a supporter clicks to find an object that is not available on the page they are currently on, they will be automatically navigated to a page where it is available.
  • Unify message search - When a visitor searches for a message, they will see results from all pages in the group.
  • Sum total raised - If you are displaying the total raised on a page, this will evaluate to the sum of all the pages in the group.

Web addresses

Pages created by expanding have their own unique web address, but are similar to the original page. The examples below shows 3 pages consisting of the original and 2 expansions:

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