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Last updated: 30-03-2021

Embedding pages on your website


Visufund allows you to embed a specially crafted HTML <iframe> element on your website, allowing you to display a live preview of your fundraising page. For reasons relating to user experience and security, it is not possible to interact directly with a page embedded on your website. Supporters will be navigated to your page on the Visufund website if they click on an embedded element. You will need access to your website back end or content management system (CMS) to add an <iframe> element to any of your web pages.

The Code

To access the HTML code you require, your Visufund page must first be in a published status.

  • Navigate to your fundraising page on Visufund
  • Click Share Page from the menu
  • Click Embed in Website from the share menu

This will display a browser dialogue box with the HTML code you require. You will need to copy this code to your clipboard (eg. Ctrl+C) ready to paste it into your website. The code will look something similar to this:

<iframe height="315" width="315" frameborder="0" src=""></iframe>


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