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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Disabling donations on a page

Whilst Visufund is primarily a fundraising platform, you can also use pages for alternative reasons, for example:

  • Donor recognition - Manually populate your page with names of donors using the offline donations feature, and use the page as a virtual donor recognition wall.
  • Data collection - Invite supporters to leave a special message or photo on your page when signing up to your newsletter
  • Creating communities or online forums - Ask your service users to share tips or advice that might help other people in a similar situation, eg. exercises/recipes/inspiring stories, etc

If you do not want to use your page for fundraising purposes, you have two options, depending on whether you want to offer optional donations or disable donations entirely.

Offer optional donations

If you want to invite donations, but not make this a mandatory part of leaving a message on your page, you can set Allow non donations to 'Yes'. If your page visitors do not want to donate, they can set the donation value to zero, and proceed with their message.

Read more about allowing non-donations in this guide.

Disable donations entirely

If you do not want to offer the option to donate, you can disable donations entirely - this must be done prior to publishing your page. To do this:

  • Go to General Settings
  • In Fundraising Page, click I don't want to fundraise.
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