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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Uploading custom images onto pages

Selected templates allow you to upload your own custom image to display as part of the design. This is a fantastic way to make your page extra personal. If this feature is available on your selected template, you will find this setting in General Settings.

We advise you to upload a high resolution image, and use the cropping tool to ensure your picture is the right size and shape for the frame.

Jigsaw templates

We offer a selection of different size jigsaw templates for you to create a very special puzzle. Choose the number of pieces you require for your jigsaw by selecting the best template to fit your needs, and upload an image of your choice to be revealed.

View all jigsaw templates.

Tribute templates

Some templates invite you share a photo of your loved one as part of the template. This is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the memory of someone special. When giving to a tribute page, your friends and family will also be able to share their own photos with their messages.

Sports templates

If you're taking part in a running race or cycling event, you can invite others to cheer you on by joining your cheer squad! Share a photo of yourself on the grand stand banner to make your page completely unique.

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