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Last updated: 15-09-2021

Creating additional user accounts

We highly recommend giving your team access to your account to help manage pages, and for security & data-audit purposes.

Creating additional user accounts is available on Charity & Corporate accounts only. Adding multiple users to your account allows you to delegate various administrative tasks such as message moderating, running reports or creating new pages. All user accounts have a role, granting or restricting access to certain features and settings.

The person who initially created your Visufund account will have an Admin login by default. This user will be able to create new users and assign roles as required.

How to create a new user

  1. Login with an admin account
  2. Navigate to User Accounts from the Account Menu (icon top right)
  3. Click Create User Account
  4. Enter the first name, surname and email address of the new user
  5. Click Submit

On submission, the new user will be emailed a link to set a password for their account. At this point, you can change their role by clicking on the edit icon. By default, new users are set to a Campaigner role.

Role permissions

This table shows the permissions available to each user role:

Feature Admin Campaigner Moderator Analyst
View all settings & data
Download reports
Change personal system notifications
Modify own account settings
Modify donation messages
Add & delete offline donations
Create, modify & publish pages
Purchase products and plans
Modify charity profile
Modify charity details
Create or modify other user accounts


This is the highest role which grants permission to all account features and settings. This is the only role that can create user accounts, change other user roles and edit charity profile settings. We recommend having at least two admin users in your organisation, so one can cover the other in any absence.


Campaigners have access to the majority of features and settings, including creating and publishing new pages.


Moderators can edit any messages that appear on your pages.


The Analyst role is recommended for people who only require read-only access to your account, such as viewing unpublished pages or transaction data.

Disabling user accounts

When a colleague leaves your organisation, or no longer requires access to your Visufund account, it is advisable to disable their account. This will protect your account and ensure that only authorised employees have access to your data.

To disable a user account:

  1. Log in with an admin account
  2. Navigate to User Accounts from the Account Menu (icon top right)
  3. Click on the name of the user account you wish to disable
  4. Change the Status to Disabled
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