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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Changing page background

This document is only applicable to charity users


Some templates give you the option to customise the full background - this can be found in Display Settings. You can configure a combination of a colour gradient and a tiled image to create a unique background to suit your campaign.

Gradient top/bottom

The colour gradient has two settings - one for the top colour and one for the bottom; these colours will blend into each other. To use a completely solid colour, set both colours to the same value.

Tile image

A tiled image is repeated across the entire background of your page. Use the default image provided or upload your own - where possible, we recommend using seamless patterns.

Adjust the size of each tile by changing the tile scale setting. You can also control the blending by adjusting the tile visibility setting to your preference. If you don’t want any tiled image to be displayed over the gradient, set the visibility to 0%.

Watch this video tutorial to see how making a few simple changes to your header and background can transform your page.

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