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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Changing the message questions

This document is only applicable to charity users

After you've chosen a message format, you can view the default message questions in Message Settings. You can change the wording of the questions if you wish.

The following fields can all be changed, by scrolling down to Message Form Settings and editing as required.

  • Question: The question that is displayed on the message form.
  • Tip: If you want the answers to presented in a particular way (eg. First Name & Surname Only), write this here. This tip is displayed by the question in italics.
  • Blank substitution: If the donor does not enter anything in the box, you can choose a default word or phrase to be displayed - for example, if they leave the "From" field empy, you may wish to display "Anonymous". If you do not want anything to be displayed, just leave this blank.

Adding extra questions

As well as changing the message questions, you can also add additional questions to the donation form. For example, you may wish to ask supporters how many tickets they would like for your event.

Learn how to add questions to the donation form.

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