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Last updated: 18-06-2019

Capturing marketing consent data

This document is only applicable to charity users

You can set up the donation checkout form to allow you to capture the marketing consent data that you require. These settings are global and will appear on any fundraising page where your charity is the beneficiary, including pages created by your supporters.

Donor Checkout Settings can be found in Charity Account.

Donor Checkout Settings

Opt-in Categories

Optional: If your charity uses granular consent in your data protection statements, you can enable up to 4 reasons for processing data here. This allows your supporters to consent to hearing from you about specific topics or areas of your work.

To use Opt-in Categories, set a title (eg. Events) and set 'Enabled' to Yes. To ensure the quality of the data in your reports, it is not possible to amend a title of an opt-in category once that field has been enabled.

If no categories are enabled, a general statement will be displayed.

Opt-in Methods

Set which contact methods you use to communicate with your supporters (post, email, telephone and SMS), and we'll invite them to give their consent to opt-in to future marketing from you.

To improve the efficiency of the donation process, donors are only asked to provide contact details if they consent to be contacted in this way or the information is required for administrative purposes (eg. Gift Aid claims). For example, if the donor consents to being contacted by telephone, they will be asked to provide a telephone number.


Donor checkout form settings in Charity Account. Opt-in categories have been set and the charity is only asking for consent to opt-in to email and telephone communications.
This is how the above settings will be displayed on the donation form.

Accessing marketing consent data

You'll be able to access all your donor data in Reports. It is your responsibility to ensure this data is treated lawfully and with the greatest care.

If you would like to discuss this topic in more detail with our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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