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Last updated: 06-04-2021

Buy a Template


Anyone can create a page for free using templates from our library. Charities also have the option to buy any template and add it to their own library (My Templates) for additional benefits.

This will give you:

  • Access to advanced settings on all pages you create with the template for a lifetime!
  • The option to configure and brand the template for your supporters to create their own fundraising pages.
  • A personalised template landing page using a Visufund web address of your choice.

Adding a template to your library

Step 1: Login to your Charity Account

To add a template to My Templates, you will need to be logged in to a Charity Account and have completed the onboarding process.

Step 2: Choose your Template

Choose the Template you wish to buy. When you click on a template, you will be able to see a preview of how it will look as donations are received, and read its description.

Step 3: Buy Template

Below the Template Description, you will see the Upgrade Options button. Click here and then choose Buy Template.

Choose your Template

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