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Last updated: 06-01-2021

Branding your page

There are many ways to add your charity branding to a fundraising page on Visufund.

The best way to get started is to set your brand colour references in Charity Account. This will display your brand colours in the top row of the colour picker whenever you have the option to choose colours.

Page logo & header

In Page Settings, you can choose either a solid colour or transparent (invisible) header for your page.

To brand your page, choose the solid colour option and pick a colour from your charity brand.

A logo can also be added to your page - this is displayed in the top left corner of your page. By default, this will be the charity logo set in your Charity Account, but you can upload an alternative image if required. We recommend using a PNG file with an image on a transparent background.

Page logo and header
The page logo and header can be changed to suit your charity's brand

Button & message colours

You can add your brand colours to the buttons and messages on your page in Advanced Settings.

Object colour options

Some templates also allow you to change the colour palette of selected objects on the page. You can change these colours to match your brand by changing this setting in Advanced Settings.

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