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Last updated: 15-09-2021


Charity and Corporate members can access the Billing section from the Account Menu at the top right of the screen. This section shows your invoice history and details of any saved payment methods. Charities can also view and amend their membership plan from here.

Membership plans*

This section shows your current charity membership status and allows you to change, renew or upgrade your plan. From here, you can also cancel the automatic renewal of your plan, or enable it if you have a default payment method selected.

Learn more about the benefits of our charity membership plans.

Payment methods

See a list of all your saved payment methods or add a card to speed up the checkout process next time you buy a plan or product from Visufund. You can add a card by clicking the Add Card button.

If you have a preferred payment method, or would like your charity membership plan to automatically renew, set one payment method to default.


The Invoices section allows you to view a list of all issued invoices. In addition to accessing PDF copies (by clicking on the invoice number), you can also view the invoice date, amount and payment status of each document.

Pay By Card Now

If you have any invoices that are due for payment, a button will be displayed giving you the option to settle all unpaid invoices by card. Clicking this button will direct you to a Stripe checkout session to make a payment.


The statement section shows you your account balance, costs incurred and payments received. The Statement does not account for any donations received from your supporters - donations are accountable in Transactions or your Stripe account.

Current Balance

This figure is displayed at the top of the section. A zero balance means you don't owe us a penny! A negative value indicates that one or more invoices are due for payment.

Statement Columns

  • Entry - An ID number and date of entry.
  • Invoice - If an entry is a cost incurred, an invoice number will be displayed and can be clicked to open/download the invoice in PDF. If pending is displayed, an invoice is due to be automatically generated.
  • Paid - Indicates if an invoice has been paid or not.
  • Type & Description - A description of the service or product OR details of a payment.
  • Amount - The credited or debited amount. A negative value indicates a debit (fees, product or service). A positive value represents a credit (payment or fees received).
  • Balance - The balance of your account at this entry.

Platform Fees

Depending on your membership plan, platform fees are automatically deducted from donations. On the 28th of every month, a debit entry and invoice is generated accounting for platform fees incurred over the previous month. A credit entry of equal value is applied to account for fees paid. Platform fee invoices are available for your records and accounts.


If we have provided a product or plan which does not require an immediate payment, our terms state a payment must be received in full within 30 days of the invoice date. Payments by card (recommended) will settle your balance immediately. If you are paying us through a bank transfer, it may take up to 7 days after payment before a credit entry is registered on your statement.

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