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Last updated: 16-06-2020


This document is only applicable to charity users

Billing can be accessed from the Account Menu at the top right of your screen. There are two sub-sections called Statement & Invoices.


The statement section shows you your account balance, costs incurred and payments received. This section does not account for any donations received from your supporters - donations are accountable in Transactions or your Stripe account. The statement is presented in a similar format to a bank statement, showing a credit or debit amount, and balance on each line.

Current Balance

This figure is displayed at the top of the section. A zero balance means you don't owe us a penny! A negative value indicates that one or more invoices are due for payment.

Statement Columns

  • Entry - An ID number and date of entry.
  • Invoice - An entry with an invoice number is typically a cost incurred and represents its associated invoice. You can click on the invoice number to open or download the invoice in PDF format.
  • Type & Description - A description of the entry.
  • Net - The credited or debited amount. A negative value indicates a debit (fees, product or service). A positive value represents a credit (payment or fees received).
  • Balance - The balance of your account at this entry.

Platform Fees

On the 1st of every month, a debit entry and invoice are generated accounting for all platform fees incurred the previous month. Platform fees are automatically deducted from donations, therefore a payment is not required. A credit entry immediately proceeds a platform fee entry to account for this. Platform fee invoices are available for your records and accounting purposes.

Services & Products

When you buy any of our template products or services, a debit entry will be added to your statement. Please note that it can take up to 7 days before we generate an invoice and email this to you.


When we receive a payment from you, a credit entry will be added to your statement. Please note that it may take up to 7 days after you have made a payment before a credit entry is registered on your statement.


The Invoices section allows you to view a list of all issued invoices. In addition to accessing PDF copies (by clicking on the invoice number), you can also view the invoice date, amount and payment status of each document.

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