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Last updated: 26-07-2021

Benefits of supporter fundraising

One of the many benefits of having a charity account on Visufund is that your supporters can create their own visual fundraising pages for you.

Your supporters can use any free template from our library to fundraise for your charity. If you own a template (My Templates), you can also choose to enable Supporter Fundraising, allowing your supporters to create their own fundraising pages with your branded designs. Read more about how to promote supporter fundraising.

Why do supporters choose to create their own visual fundraising pages?

Using visuals is a great way to bring a fundraising page to life.

Fundraising targets and sponsored events

Visual fundraising is a great way to show progress towards a fundraising target.

If your supporters are trying to reach a specific fundraising target, visual fundraising can help demonstrate their progress towards their goal. As they raise more, more of the picture is revealed. Perfect for:

  • Sponsored running, swimming, walking and cycling events
  • Skydives and mountain treks
  • Obstacle courses and mud runs
  • Corporate partnerships/ Charity of the Year
  • Anything with a sponsorship target!

Celebration giving and special occasions

Whether they're donating their birthday or asking for donations instead of wedding gifts, you can help make your supporter's day extra special by inviting them to create a visual fundraising page. It's a great alternative to sending greetings cards, and is a stunning way to display donations by building a unique picture as a memento of their special day.

Visual fundraising was a perfect way for us to raise money and celebrate our wedding. It's lovely to revisit our page and read the messages from our generous guests. It was so exciting to watch - every time we looked at our page, we saw more of the picture!

Remembering a loved one

Invite your supporters to pay tribute to a loved one by creating their own special page to share memories and photos. Each person who shares a special memory can help to create a unique and beautiful picture, bringing comfort to all those who visit the page.

What are the benefits to the charity?

✔ Capture inspiring personal stories

Many of your supporters will have a personal connection with your cause. Give them a platform to share their story in their own words, and this will inspire others to care too.

✔ Build stronger relationships

When a supporter creates a fundraising page for you, this gives you the perfect reason to get in touch and say thank you. Use this opportunity to find out more about them and discuss other ways they might like to be involved.

✔ Reach wider audiences

Your supporters will be promoting your charity to their own networks, including some people who may not have previously been aware of your good work.

✔ Increase brand awareness

Encouraging your supporters to create their own pages with your templates will help to increase brand awareness of your logo, colour palette, and any imagery that is associated with your charity.

✔ Raise more money

In the short-term, encouraging others to fundraise for your charity will help to generate more income. In the long-term, by building relationships with your supporters, they will be more likely to support you for many years.

How to promote supporter fundraising
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