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Last updated: 21-01-2021

Advanced Settings

This document is only applicable to charity users

Advanced Settings give you even more control and branding of your fundraising pages.

Advanced Settings can be changed on:

  • All pages created with your charity's exclusive templates (My Templates)
  • All pages using templates from the library (Plus & Pro plan only)

Charities on the Standard plan can try Advanced Settings before upgrading by clicking Try Advanced Settings on any unpublished page.


When a page is in Object Mode, supporters will be given a choice of which object they wish to reveal on the page.


You can edit an object's name to match your charity's brand or language. For example, you might change "Star" to "Star of Hope".

To change an object name:

  • Click the edit icon next to the object name you wish to change
  • Write your new object name
  • Click Save

Button text

The button text is displayed on your page as the Call To Action. Use this button to describe what you want your supporters to do, eg. Switch on a light, Hang a bauble, Add a star to the sky, etc.

To change the button text:

  • Click the edit icon next to the button text you wish to change
  • Write your new button text
  • Click Save

Donation type

Choose between suggested or minimum for each object group on your page.

  • Suggested donations allow donors to give any amount they wish. This can be higher or lower than the amount you have suggested.
  • Minimum donations require donors to give the set amount or more. This can be useful if you are trying to achieve a specific fundraising target or where an object is particularly desirable, eg. the star at the top of a Christmas tree.

Please note, when Auto Suggested Mode is enabled, your fundraising page must have at least one object group set to a suggested donation amount. This makes your page more inclusive and ensures that your supporters have the freedom to give any amount of their choice. If your page has multiple object groups, the suggested amount setting will automatically be applied to the lowest value group.

Donation amount

Set an amount for each object on your page. The amount you set here will be pre-selected on the donation form, although donors can choose their own amount by typing another value or by selecting a different amount from the form. As a general rule, we recommend the following:

  • If the objects on your page are different sizes, set the smallest one to the lowest value. People will be prepared to give more for a larger object.
  • If there are different numbers of each object on your page, set the object that appears most frequently to the lowest value. People will be prepared to give more for a more limited object.
  • If there is only one of a specific object on your page, set this to a higher amount that might appeal to one of your charity's major donors.

Colour Options

Some templates allow you to set a palette for your supporters to pick a colour for their object.

If colour options are available for a particular object, 'Colour Options: Yes' will be displayed. This is a great way to add branding to your page.

Selection colour: Choose a colour for your object before the supporter has selected their own colour.

Number of colours: Set your own colour palette for your supporters to choose a colour from. You can offer a choice of up to 10 different colours - set the number of colours you require. Set this value to:

  • 0 to use the original design colours.
  • 1 to use a single colour, set by you.
  • 2-10 to offer a colour choice to your supporters. You can define a colour palette by clicking on the colour boxes and picking your own colours. If you have set your brand colours in your Charity Account, these will be displayed first.

Once you have set your colour palette, we advise viewing your page and clicking the Shuffle! button to see how your page might look when donations have been made.

Auto Suggested Mode

This feature automatically sets objects from Minimum to Suggested, when there are no remaining objects on suggested donation type. We recommend enabling this feature for inclusivity, allowing your page to fill and automatically expand when all objects have been used.

If you disable this feature, you may need to manually expand your page when there are no remaining objects on suggested donation type to ensure that your supporters always have the option to reveal an object with their donation.


Allow non-donations

By default, on fundraising pages, a donation is required in order to reveal an object on the page. You can change this by setting Allow non-donations to 'Yes'.

Allowing non-donations can be useful if your page is being used for a dual purpose, eg. fundraising and as a charitable service. For example, some charities may choose to use their page to offer comfort to their supporters and/or provide bereavement support.

Unrevealed object visibility

When someone makes a donation on your page, their chosen object will be fully revealed and appear on the page prominently at 100% visibility.

When you are setting up your page, you can choose a visibility level for the unrevealed objects too. Changing this setting will affect how your page looks before donations are received.

If you want your page visitors to be able to see where they are all the objects are hidden, choose a higher percentage (up to 30%). This will allow visitors to see a ghostly image of all the objects on the page, and allow them to choose their favourite.

Alternatively, you might choose to make all the objects invisible (0%), so that they are only revealed after a contribution has been made.

Hint: Try changing this setting and viewing your page to see how different it looks!


Change any of the Display Settings to affect how your page looks. This can be a good way to add your branding to a page. Some of these settings are only available on selected templates.


Some templates give you the option to customise the full background. You can configure a combination of a colour gradient and a tiled image to create a unique background to suit your campaign.

Gradient top/bottom

The colour gradient has two settings - one for the top colour and one for the bottom; these colours will blend into each other. To use a completely solid colour, set both colours to the same value.

Tile image

A tiled image is repeated across the entire background of your page. Use the default image provided or upload your own - where possible, we recommend using seamless patterns as these are most suitable for different screen sizes.

Adjust the size of each tile by changing the tile scale setting. You can also control the blending by adjusting the tile visibility setting to your preference. If you don’t want any tiled image to be displayed, set the visibility to 0%.

Supporter Message

Change the format of supporter messages to suit the style of your page.


To avoid a negative donor experience, this setting can only be changed before publishing a page.

Your chosen message format will influence the default questions asked to supporters. For example, if you choose Remembrance, the first question on the form becomes "Who are you remembering?"

The following formats are available:

  • General Fundraising: Suitable for most fundraising pages. Prompts the donor to leave a personal message with their name. The donor's name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Celebration: Suitable for celebration pages (eg. Valentine's Day or birthday appeals). Prompts the donor to leave a public message to a loved one. The 'To' name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Remembrance: Suitable for in memory and tribute pages. Prompts the donor to write a message in memory of a loved one. The loved one's name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Dedication: Suitable for dedication or in memory pages. Prompts the donor to write a message dedicated to someone. The 'Dedicated To' name appears when you hover over a donated object.
  • Other - If you require a custom message format, choose this option and change the three Message Questions to suit your page. The answer to Question 1 appears when you hover over a donated object.

You can see a preview of the message and form under the Message Questions header. You can change these questions if required.

Allow photo upload

example of photo upload
Supporters can share a photo of someone special with their message to make dedication pages even more personal.

Set this option to Yes if you want to invite people to share a photo when they leave a message on your page.

Photo upload is optional, and your supporters will be able to come back at a later date to edit their message if they do not have access to a suitable photo immediately when they are making their donation.

Display date

Set this to 'Yes' if you want to display the date a contribution was made.


Colour options in Advanced Settings
Button colours can be changed in Advanced Settings of any page.

Add your charity branding to the buttons & messages by changing the colours. The preview box in Supporter Message will update as you change the colours.

Change any colour by clicking on it and selecting a different colour. When choosing colours, we advise you to ensure that there is a good contrast between your text and background colours. This will make your page much more accessible and easier for people to read.

For maximum contrast, light backgrounds require dark text, and darker backgrounds require light text. The system will warn you if the colour contrast ratio is too low for your buttons and message box. If you would like to test your colour combinations for accessibility, we recommend this online tool.

You can restore the default colours on the buttons and messages at any time by clicking Reset colours.

Saving colours

Once you have set your button and message colours to match your brand, you have the option to Save these colours for future.

Once you have saved your colours, these can be applied to any future page you create. To do this, simply click Apply my saved colours.

Message Questions

Depending on the message format you have chosen, up to 3 message questions will be presented to the donor. You can view and change the message questions here. The Form Preview will update automatically to reflect any changes you make.


The question you are asking the donor.


If you want the answers to presented in a particular way (eg. First Name & Surname Only), write this here. This tip is displayed by the question in italics.

Blank substitution

If the donor does not enter anything in the box, you can choose a default word or phrase to be displayed - eg. if they leave the "From" field empty, you may wish to display "Anonymous". If you do not want anything to be displayed, just leave this blank.

Photo Upload Question

This will only appear if you have set 'Allow Photo Upload' to 'Yes'. You can change the wording of this question if required.

Checkout Questions

You can add up to 3 additional questions on the donor checkout form if required. For example, if you are holding an event for anyone who donates to your fundraising appeal, you could ask your supporters how many tickets they would like.

Note: Do not use these questions to capture marketing consent or any personal data that is not expressly declared in the Visufund Privacy Policy. Marketing consent settings can be configured in your Charity Account.


This is the question you are asking supporters, eg. "How many tickets would you like for our event?"

Answer type

  • Multi choice: Use this option if you want supporters to select a single answer from a list that is set by you.
  • Free text: Use this option if you want to allow any typed answer.

Answer choices (Multi choice only)

List the answer choices for supporters to select from a drop-down list. Separate each option with a comma, eg. "None,1,2,3,4". The first option in your list will be selected by default.


Set this value to Yes when you are ready to display this question on the checkout form.


Click this to clear and disable a checkout question.

Donor Address Override

Donors are automatically prompted for their address according to marketing and Gift Aid preferences. If any of the answers to your additional questions also require the donor address, set this value to Yes.

Accessing data from your additional questions

You will be able to view each supporter's answers to your questions in Transactions. The data can also be downloaded using the Donation Transactions report.

Twitter Settings

Page Tweet

The default page when your page is shared on Twitter. By default, page shares say "Look at this fundraising page for [Your Charity Name]".

Donated Object Tweet

Each object on the page has its own URL, which means that your supporters can share their individual messages with their friends and family. By default, donated object shares say "Look at this gift to [Your Charity Name]."


Add hashtags to the default Tweet, so you can keep track of page shares and help to promote your appeal. If enough people share your hashtags at the same time, you might even end up trending on Twitter!

If you've set your Twitter handle in Charity Account Settings, your charity will automatically be tagged in Tweets about your page.

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