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Last updated: 04-02-2020

Adjusting button & message colours

Button & message colours

Colour options in Display Settings
Button colours can be changed in Display Settings.

Add your charity branding to the buttons & messages, by changing the colours in Display Settings. The preview box will update as you make changes to the colours.

Change any colour by clicking on it and selecting a different colour. When choosing colours, we advise you to ensure that text can be read clearly. For maximum contrast, light backgrounds require dark text, and darker backgrounds require light text. The system will warn you if the colour contrast ratio is too low for your buttons and message box. If you would like to test your colour combinations for accessibility, we recommend this online tool.

You can restore the default colours on the buttons and messages at any time by clicking Reset colours.

Saving colours

Once you have set your button and message colours to match your brand, you have the option to Save these colours for future.

Once you have saved your colours, these can be applied to any future page you create. To do this, simply click Apply my saved colours.

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