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Last updated: 19-09-2021

Corporate membership

Corporate membership is the perfect solution for companies that want to raise money for charity, or create interactive message boards.

If you want to create pages on behalf of your organisation, choose Corporate Membership from the Sign Up page.

Get the brand recognition your company deserves by displaying your logo on all pages, or by changing the colours to reflect your branding.

✔ Raise money for charity

Use your page to raise money for any charity or non-profit organisation that's registered with Visufund. Your donations will be paid directly into the charity's own Stripe account, so you can rest assured they will be received quickly and safely. Whether you're setting up a sponsorship page for a team of colleagues who are taking part in a sports event, collecting donations as part of a charity partnership or Charity Of The Year fundraiser, or holding a cake sale in the office, we have the perfect template for your campaign.

✔ Create company message boards

Don't want to fundraise? No problem. Selecting a charity for your page is completely optional. Leave this blank if you simply want to use your page to capture and display messages in a unique and creative way. When you share your page with colleagues and customers, the picture will come to life with every contribution.

✔ Access extra features & products

With a Corporate account, you'll have the option to upgrade your pages to access advanced page settings or use any of our Premium templates.

✔ Multi-user access for your colleagues

Give your colleagues access to your Corporate account to help you manage and moderate pages. You can create as many additional users as you need.

Get Started

When you're ready to create your account, just click the Sign Up button below. You'll be ready to publish your first page within minutes.

If you need any help, tips or advice, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or read through some of our Help documents.

We can't wait to see what you create!

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Work for a charity or non-profit organisation? Read more about our free charity membership.
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